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  • Dakota County - $378,242
  • Washington County - $453,698
  • Ramsey County - $334,749
  • Anoka County - $357,199
  • Hennepin County - $451,211
  • Carver County - $498,562
  • Scott County - $428,880

*Starting to see a little more housing inventory out there, making it a little easier for buyers.  Ask me if you'd like a free analysis of the current value of your home!


Note to all sellers…please have your home “show ready” when you’ve listed and are allowing walk-throughs.  I’ve had a couple showings recently where the buyer loved the pics that were posted online, but then we get to the home and not all is what it seems.  With one home there was various trash and junk all throughout the yard and inside the home.  Backdoor was wide open when we got there with a fan blowing out a “smell”.  And once we were able to get the door open inside the beautiful 6 car garage, it was like a scene from Hoarders.  Boxes upon boxes, and stacks of books, newspapers, magazines, etc all the way to the top.  I get sometimes things happen and maybe just no time to get the house ready, but in this particular case you can tell it’s been going on for years.  First impressions are everything.



Lets talk about something that’s important to all of us…PIZZA!  You know what they say, even bad pizza is still pizza right?  Well how about when pizza is fantastic? 

My May blog brought us to Kyndred Hearth in Eagan, where night 1 was more of the formal dining, but on night 2 we did have some of Chef Ann Kim’s award winning pies.  Too early to tell if this month’s pick will be up for any awards, but they’re easily my top neighborhood pick…El Hornito’s Wood Fired Pizza.

This place isn’t brick & mortar, and they don’t deliver.  It’s a food truck that parks regularly at the 5th Avenue Plaza in South St. Paul.  Their schedule does fluctuate a bit so you will need to keep an eye on their Facebook page below to confirm where they’ll be.  However they’re parked at the plaza every Saturday from 12pm – 7pm, and every Friday for lunch from 11pm – 3pm.  On most Friday nights you can also see them at Wabasha Brewing, which is easily one of our favorite craft breweries.   They used to be at the plaza on Wednesday afternoons as well but it looks like they’ve started parking at Spiral Brewing in Hastings during that time (I know I have Hastings peeps reading right now, so go!  Wouldn’t be hard to convince me to take a longer lunch and meet you there!)

Anyone that’s had true wood fired pizzas know there isn’t any comparison, especially when it comes to that crust.  They do it so perfectly here with just the right amount of char and crispiness, while keeping the flavor of their dough.  That doesn’t get lost.

As for toppings, you can of course go with some of the classics like pepperoni, sausage, Hawaiian (if that’s your vibe), basic cheese, and they’ll be awesome.  But where I think these guys really stand out is some of their specialty creations as they have a number of winning combos that you just don’t see on a pizza often, but work incredibly well. 

The #12 La Mexicana is a perfect fusion of Italian and Mexican flavors.  Thin cut carne asada, bell peppers, jalapenos, along with the incredible red sauce & cheese.  Hard to beat. 

But our absolute favorite is the chorizo, goat cheese, and onion combo.  So much so whenever Simone heads up to order they know.  “Ahhh…two number 11’s right?”  They make their own chorizo in house (or in truck), and it is over the top!  Quite a bit spicer than any chorizo I’ve had that’s store bought.  And how it pairs with the tanginess of the goat cheese, and a touch of sweet again with the sauce, it’s just a total flavor bomb in your mouth.

I’d say they’re all roughly 10” in diameter, so not overly large.  You can eat the entire thing and not completely hate yourself J  Again follow them at www.facebook.com/elhornitowoodfiredpizza1 and I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

Don’t believe me?  Just ask my wife….

(Simone says) At the 5th Street Mall in South St. Paul, they have up to 3 food trucks in their lot sometimes. ALL are taco trucks EXCEPT Hornito's. In my opinion, they are the stand out as in food choice, flavor and value - price ranges from $9-$12. If you catch them at a brewery, pair it with a pilsner or a kolsch. Enjoy!





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