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  • Dakota County - $376,701
  • Washington County - $446,504
  • Ramsey County - $343,321
  • Anoka County - $367,795
  • Hennepin County - $464,089
  • Carver County - $487,225
  • Scott County - $447,285

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Revisiting something I touched on a few months back, and also last week on my business page www.facebook.com/jamielindquistc21affiliated (follow me if you haven’t yet!).  Even with the market starting to balance out a little bit there is still a discrepancy between a mortgage payment and monthly rent for a similar sized home.  Per a recent realtor.com article, it is cheaper to buy/own a starter home than renting one in 24 of 50 of the largest metro cities in the country, which does include Minneapolis/St. Paul.  Interest rates STILL extremely low, so take advantage of that and look to own vs. rent.  Every time I bring that up somebody does chime in with concerns over bad credit, which I get is a concern.  But there are programs out there to help build that credit back up and get your approval for a mortgage loan.  More than happy to walk through that with anyone.



I hope everyone had a fantastic Labor Day weekend.  I’m sure there were BBQ’s a plenty out there just like there was at our place.  Made me think, with one final summertime blowout in the backyard, and the arrival of football season (SKOL VIKINGS!), what’s the perfect food for this time of year?  WINGS!

I’d say ongoing question in my circle, and also in my head, is who has the best wings?  That can be a really tough question to answer since you can do so many things with chicken wings.  Can there be more than one answer?  Really depends on what you’re craving I guess.  Maybe who has the best sauced wings?  Best dry rubbed wings?  Crispiest wings?  Largest wings?  Hottest wings?  I supposed any given time I could give you a different answer for all of those, but how about all of that rolled into one?  I don’t waver on this often, it’s just too important.  If you were to ask me who in the Twin Cities serves the BEST chicken wings, the answer is Doolittle’s Woodfire Grill in Eagan, MN.

If you’ve never been here it really needs to be on your list.  Very spacious throughout, and also a great outdoor patio for our prime season.  When you first walk in you’ll meet the host/hostess like any other place, then they’ll take you to your seat, and along the way you’re going to feel the heat, literally, as you walk by the open woodfire pit.  I tried taking a little video of it and adding the chorus of angels singing, cause that’s how I feel when walking by it, but my system doesn’t let me upload video files.  Think I need a new system.  The picture below will have to do.

Simone and I walked right up to the bar a couple weeks ago with the craving.  Bartender comes over with menus and we said “No need sir.  Wings and beer please.”  He laughed, said we were in the right place.  Only one type of wing served here, and that’s all you need, their woodfire buffalo wings.

These are not your traditional buffalo wings with the thick, goopy, orange hot sauce (not that there’s anything wrong with that, I can put down my share).  I’d call these very elevated hot wings, with an extremely understated coat of their secret buffalo sauce recipe.  Tried asking what all was in it last time so I could make an attempt, but he just smiled and shook his head.  Can’t blame him, they sell it there in house for $8 a bottle. 

The sauce is not overly hot by any means.  But when blended with the pepper rub, and even more so the smokiness from coming fresh off the pit, you taste that heat.  But the good news is you don’t “feel” the heat.  I finish up and don’t have the sweats, or the burning mouth that other hot wings will give you.  So I know I could put down another order.

While the sauce itself isn’t messy, the wings themselves are as juicy as they could ever be, so they’re kind enough to give you the warm handheld towels to clean up.  Always a nice touch.

These are just on the appetizer list.  Trust me when I say the rest of the menu is just as impressive.  Most of the chicken, steaks, and seafood are all cooked this way as well. 

Please check out the website at www.doolittles.com and make a plan to go.  Easy to find right off of Cliff Road.

Don’t believe me?  Just ask my wife….

(Simone says)

Dolittle's wings are on the Best Wing list in the Twin Cities every year - ALWAYS - EVERY YEAR! Now, that is impressive! 

The combination of smoke, rub and heat from the sauce is pure magic. Our daughter - who has a very low tolerance for spicy foods - even takes these wings down.  They are THAT good! 


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