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  • Dakota County - $378,978
  • Washington County - $430,643
  • Ramsey County - $343,227
  • Anoka County - $363,037
  • Hennepin County - $426,580
  • Carver County - $462,483
  • Scott County - $432,875

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If you’re looking to sell in a couple months I’d highly recommend taking your exterior pictures now.  Images that will focus on the greenery, and now with some of the color changes will sure stand out over pictures that show snow all over your yard and home.



Today’s visit takes us deep into Washington county to a place very special to us (especially on our anniversary month), Swirl Wine Bar in Afton, MN.

We first found this place during our anniversary weekend roughly 10 years ago off a Groupon deal that gave us a wine tasting and chocolate truffles for 2.  Can’t go wrong with that for $10 bucks or whatever it was at the time. 

We didn’t really know a whole lot about wine yet.  Neither of us in our younger years really sampled much, and what we did just wasn’t enough to hook us.  But we did finally have some great wine on our honeymoon cruise and decided at that time we needed to learn about this juice.

When you don’t know much about wine and get the urge to grab a good bottle for dinner, going down the wine isle at any liquor store, or let alone something like Total Wine can be pretty intimidating.  That’s why I’m extremely happy we found this place as owner Dave Jarvis (aka wine guru) took on some of that decision making for us via his monthly wine club.

He has 2, 3, and 4 bottle per month options on the club, and every month it’s either a different region of the world that is featured, or sometimes its different varietals (cabernet, merlot, pinot, etc).  And the price point on each option is really hard to beat.  We have the 4 bottle membership (3 red/1 white) and if you were to buy them all separately then it costs more than the monthly rate.  Also you get 20% - 30% off when buying any additional club wines.  So when we go, we come home regularly with an additional case….or two. 

Wine meet up is once a month, outdoors with the river few in the summer time.  Don’t feel it’s a MUST go for you.  If you can’t make it on the designated meet up date they’ll hold your wine for you.  No biggie.

Weekly specials here include Wednesday night date nights, where you get two salads, a flatbread to share, truffles, and a bottle of their house wine for only $35 bucks!  And every Friday night its free wine tastings!

As for the food, it’s pretty fantastic!  Both Dave and his team of chefs have done an amazing job putting together a simple menu that will pair extremely well with the wine.  Some simple sharables (spicy chicken drops highly recommended), along with a variety of flatbreads (grilled Thai chicken), and a handful of more sophisticated entrees (braised beef short rib).  A little something for everyone here.

During the winter they also host monthly 4-7 course dinners with wine pairings in the fine dining hall.  These are also priced very friendly, anywhere from $40 - $79 a person depending on the type and number of courses.

Check them out at www.swirlmywine.com and you can view their menu here swirl-food-menu (swirlmywine.com)  Tell them the Lindquist’s sent ya, we’re regulars J  Hope to see you there at some point!

Don’t believe me?  Just ask my wife….

(Simone says)

I love this little piece of wine heaven known as Swirl My Wine in Afton! It is the perfect place for a date night or a girls night. Speaking of which, the businesses in the town of Afton host a Girls Night once a month. There is free wine tasting at Swirl, games, prizes and discounts at the area businesses. 

As for the club, we have learned so much about wine through this program it has become a passion of ours. The club offers private tastings with wine makers and distributors providing additional education and wine samples. Oh, and there are also TRIPS for club members only! Places they have been are: Napa & Sonoma, CA, South Africa, South America and the Pacific Northwest (just to name a few). Believe me when I tell you that these trips are not your everyday run of the mill....NO!!! Dave and his team work magic to put together a tour only a wine insider would be able to enjoy. Space is limited so that it is small and intimate. We cannot wait until trips are back! Cheers!


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